May17, 2017

Road testing a Klim Traverse!

Here at Gateway BMW riding season is in full swing, and we all know what that means…Time to road-test some gear!

Unfortunately, one of our crew recently departed from his motorcycle traveling at a good clip wearing a Klim Traverse, and was left with a jacket with what could be termed “aggressive venting”.

The estimated road impact speed was “around 80”.

The Cordura of the jacket held up remarkably well to the abrasion of I-270’s surface. The D3O armor lessened the impact with the ground to the point that the only medical attention required was some Ibuprofen the next day. Thanks to Klim for producing such great protective gear!

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  1. Brooke Wright - 2 months ago Reply

    I think you look great in the jacket. I love mine (Topshop). LOVE Linda Rodin’s white one, she has such a fun sense of style. At 61–and well preserved I think, and ready for fun, I like the edge this gives me.

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