Sep28, 2017

“Do you guys have any upcoming rides planned?”


We are asked all the time if anyone has a ride planned. While we are almost always down for a ride here at Gateway BMW, we understand that not everyone has Monday off. As such, we’d like to recommend some local groups that hold regular rides, and resources for finding fellow-minded folks.

Shadow Riders are an all-brand club that organizes rides on a regular basis. Check their website for upcoming rides.

For finding less-organized rides we also recommend the Regional Forums at 

Rever is a iOS and Android app that lets you plan and share rides, and offers premium content from Butler Maps.

For those of you looking to ride with one or two like-minded individuals, or who may want to ride in a different style than some of the links above, log on to STLRideit and post your plans there. You are sure to find someone who is looking to twist the throttle!

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