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Klim Helmet Review

Two of our intrepid reporters give a quick review of the superlight Klim Krios dual sport helmet and the new autoclaved Klim TK1200 Modular!   FULL STORY

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Specials for August 2016

K 1300 S / $1,250 off K 1600 GTL Exclusive / $1,125 off K 1600 GTL / $1,000 off K 1600 GT / $1,000 off R 1200 GS Adv / $950 off R 1200 RT / $950 off R 1200 GS / $850 off S 1000 RR / $850 off F 800 GS Adventure / $850 off S 1000 XR / $850 off S 1000 R / $750 off R 1200 R / $750 off R 1200 RS / $750 off F 800 GS / $750 off F 800 GT / $750 off G 650 GS / $750 off R nine T / $750 off F 700 GS / $600 off F 800 R / $600 off C FULL STORY

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The GS Challenge by Ron Petruska

Motorcycles have been a part of my life for nearly 40 years, starting back in high school and college. Years ago, I sold my motorcycles to finance my honeymoon. Then came kids and all the activities that go with them. By 2010, I was ready for another bike. After a 3-year, 30,000 mile stint on a Harley, I landed on a BMW. On vacation in Munich, my wife and I visited BMW World and saw a K1600 on display. That bike looked so cool! I bought one when we got home, rode it around Lake Michigan and then started thinking FULL STORY

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What We’re Reading: Ben Collins’ How to Drive

It may be hard to believe, but most of us around the shop have a passion for both cars and motorcycles. So it’s safe to say that most of what we watch, read and live revolves around our love for all things on wheels. Just recently, we cracked open a great book called How to Drive by Ben Collins. If you don’t recognize Ben’s name, don’t worry, he used to live in secrecy as “The Stig” on British motoring show Top Gear. We won’t go into all the details, but Ben Collins certainly does. He starts by digging into his background FULL STORY

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Riding in the Winter: The Basics

Here in the Midwest, our weather is a little unpredictable, especially in the winter. But that’s all the more reason to be ready to ride at a moment’s notice. While we know plenty of hardcore bikers who suit up in any weather, we thought it’d be a good time to feature some winter motorcycle riding tips for those with the winter blues. Here are the basics for getting out in the cold. Prep your bike. While caring for your bike is essential to every ride, it’s vital in the cold. A lot of bikes come with sticky, track-ready tires perfect FULL STORY